Admiral (ret) Ram Rutberg

In the systems Ram operates he is  ceaselessly aiming  for the advancement of  the organizational culture and the motivation of manpower in accordance with the technologies and innovation that have transformed the world in recent years.
These changes and adaptations are primarily based on values, faith, and a strategic vision according to which "content employees create an outstanding company"
Ram's fields of interest are: Innovation, entrepreneurship, creative thinking beyond boundaries,
Perpetual organizational efficiency, and readiness for changes in global communication.
Ram is an M.A. graduate in Industrial Management and Strategy Sciences of National Resources from the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy.
Positions held in the IDF: commander of the Flotilla 13 Naval Commando, the commander of the "Duvdevan" special operations unit, head of naval intelligence, head of the security division of the National Security Council and a member of the general staff.