About the conference

The rapidly-changing strategic environment and the complex reality of the battlefield pose many challenges, but also bring opportunities for those involved in Israel’s national security. This year, Israel Defense’s annual conference will address broad aspects of the complex and changing environment. As in previous years, this conference is held in cooperation with the defense establishment, security industry, and academia.

Among the main conference topics:
>> Challenges and opportunities of maneuvering in a complex and changing environment
>> Challenges and opportunities of opening fire in a changing and complex environment
>> Challenges and opportunities of intelligence in a complex and changing environment
>> Integrating across military arms/branches in modern warfare

Other topics include:
>> Real-time fire activation in a dynamic environment
>> Challenges in force-building in a changing reality
>> Operations of special units in a complex environment
>> Challenges and opportunities for ICT in modern ground warfare
>> Challenges of asymmetrical warfare in a complex battlefield
>> Coping with the threats of terrorism in a global age
>> Security innovation: developing technologies in an age of change in the battlefield

Israel Defense's annual conference takes part in senior positions in Israel and the world: senior representatives from the IDF, defense industries, the Ministry of Defense, armies in the world and academia. A large exhibition will be held alongside the conference, with the participation of the defense industries and startup companies, who will present their weapons systems and technological means.  The huge exhibition will be held under the theme of “70 Years of Technological and Security Advancements”